Not So Popular Online Slot Games Bonuses

Bonuses make our gambling experience more beneficial and intriguing. Gamblers already take advantage of 3 most common online casino bonuses: a welcome bonus, a% deposit (match) bonus and a no-deposit bonus.  But we have to admit that online casino slots can offer far more bonuses than simple these three ones. Wondering what are they?

Let’s take a deeper look at major online casino slots bonuses. But before we go further, it would be wise to add that now we are talking about bonuses the online casino can give you once you decide to play there, not about the bonuses the particular slot offers.

So, apart from those mentioned above bonuses, you can take full advantage of:

  • A refer-to-a-friend casino bonus. This bonus is given both to you and a friend of yours which will use your referral link upon sign up. Not every gaming venue offers such an option.
  • A Week-end online casino bonus. This bonus is given to the players to encourage them playing during the week-ends.
  • Free spins bonuses. By the way, that bonus is given only when the player decides to play slots.
  • The particular game bonus, for example, a Video slots bonus code, which you can get once you get started playing with video slots.
  • A holiday casino online bonus. It’s obvious that this kind of bonuses is given during holidays.
  • A birthday online casino free bonus. You can get it once you enter the casino on your Birthday and play games that day at this casino.
  • A live casino bonus, which is available at online live gambling venues only.
  • Other online casino promotion options.

Thus, these are some other casino free bonus options you can benefit from while playing at online casinos. But to tell you the truth, these are not all bonuses you can use.

Using Online Casino Bonuses: Things To Bear in Mind

  • Remember that it’s the particular gaming venue who decides which types of bonuses to offer and the amount they can give.
  • Noteworthy is also the fact that online casinos and mobile casino bonus options may vary. For example, one casino featuring both options may give a particular bonus while playing online, but not while playing via mobile, and of course, vice versa.
  • Regularly check the latest casino bonus options the particular casino offers.

Therefore, next time once you feel like gambling for real, do not hurry and browse through the list of bonuses the online casino you wish to try offers. And don’t forget to find out how to use the particular bonus code casino.

Anyway, by using special online casino bonus codes while playing, you’ll be able not only to save some money, but add some more thrill to the whole gaming process.

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