Green sign to Web Game Related Companies in Israel, Red sign to Israelis Taking Part with Them

The State of Israel has recently issued a provoking regulation – it encourages web gaming services to run, that is, by the way, a thriving industry in the country, however, it does not let the Israel people bet with them. A strange but true situation, isn’t it?

Interesting is to mention that The State of Israel is one among numerous countries that have similar laws, encouraging the gaming business yet restricting its citizens to participate in them. Let’s review some other countries similar to Israel in this way.

Canada is one of the similar to Israel’s law supporters. This rich country is the home for one of the greatest online casino software vendors in the globe – Rival. Interesting is that you can legally play in online casinos throughout Canada, but playing any Rival games there is illegal for the Canadians.

The other country supporting such strange and provoking laws is Monte Carlo. Yes, we all consider Monte Carlo as one of the biggest and most luxurious and VIP gambling destinations around the world. That is true, but not for its own citizens. The government of Monte Carlo encourages its visitors to come and spend their money playing slots or table games, but, when it comes to its own citizens, it prohibits them to do this.

But let’s return to Israel.

Gambling in Israel

So, the law, which allows you to operate gambling business within the country but restricts its citizens to enjoy gambling, is pretty evident if to look at it in details. The state can get lots of money from allowing such establishments, both online and land-based, and get money from running those venues. But what is more surprising here is that in Israel sports betting and lottery, which are also the world’s most common types of gambling, are legal for its people.

It was since 1977 that the gambling ban through the country has been enforced. And it is evident that there have been a number of issues. What about the citizens of Israel? How do they feel about this? And we can see that there is no one clear answer. Of course, you will find many people supporting this idea, claiming that someone losing his or her entire life savings within some short gambling spree. But, there are also hundreds of people with the opposite opinions.

Do you know that there are several world famous gaming companies run by Jewish? For example, Playtech and 888 are only some of numerous gambling related services run by Jewish. So that means that whilst gambling does bring solid profits for the government letting gaming establishments operate within the country, its citizens are restricted from gaming, claiming that gambling does not correspond to the ethical part of Israel people.