Adopting the next generation gambling services

Recently, Betsoft Gaming has launched the new platform for the desktop games – the Shift™ Platform which is built entirely upon HTML5 technology.

The idea to develop the new platform appeared as, lately, Adobe has stopped providing support for their Flash Player which is the base for the majority of desktop games. From the perspective of gambling, it might have unpleasant consequences as gamblers will not be able to enjoy the games as they previously did. Therefore, Betsoft Gaming has chosen HTML5 technology for their new platform.

HTML5 is a global standard – it is supported on all the operating systems and is consistent with all the browsers. In addition, every gadget and computer support HTML5. Hence, the new platform eliminates the difference between a desktop version of any precise game and its mobile version.

Also, the Shift™ Platform uses no additional plugins. It means that the threat of cyber-attack is reduced: evidently, plugins are the most widely used elements for the launch of any attack. Hence, neither players nor operators have reasons to worry when they utilize the new platform developed by Betsoft Gaming.

Along with the convenience and security, the platform also brings more satisfaction to gamblers as they can enjoy detailed 3D graphics and animations: the new animation engine is more advanced than Flash Player and makes high-quality games run smoothly.

The new platform is more simple, fast and secure. However, the launch of the Shift™ Platform does not mean that Betsoft Gaming will stop maintaining of Flash versions of their games: the company cares about the customers who might utilize the older devices and does not want to deprive them of gambling experience.